Добре дошли or Welcome to my world!

My name is Laura and I am from the land of the roses – Bulgaria.

I would like to show you my adventures and journeys through my rose lens.

I hope you enjoy my pictures.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Laura! My name is Kia and I work at an communication agency in Denmark, which helps Danish Refugee Counsil (DRC) with a task: Put the refugeesituation of the wolrd in perspective, so more people understand. You have taken a picture from Damascus:

    Here, Danish Refugee Counsil accommodate many of the refugees. And my question is: Can we use this picture, when telling the story?

    The story will be told through a large web-collage with over 100 pictures. You will be credited on the website. The picture may also be used in a TV campaign (Danish television). If you would like, I can send you an example of the collage. Feel free to contact me ka@sunrise.dk. I hope that we may use your image. It will be used with great respect.

    Kind regards,

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    • Dear Kia,

      Thank you very much for taking interest in my photography.

      I’d be honoured to have my picture be used as part of your collage and TV campaign. If you could please credit the work to my name, Nora Mihaylova, and send me links to the work that is published, I’d be very greateful to you.

      Hope your campaign is successful and reaches your desired audiences.
      Kindest regards,
      Laura (Nora Mihaylova)


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