Ramparts walk, walls of Jerusalem

Recently I’ve been to the Old city of Jerusalem. I’ve been in Jerusalem several times and every time I was going to the same places – the Church of The Holy sepulcher, at the Western wall, road to via Dolorosa. But this time I decided to go to Ramparts walk. It’s a rare place and there aren’t much tourists there , actually I saw only two people there. My journey began at the walls close to Jaffa Gate, I was walking and it was so interesting to see the city from above that I almost forgot that I’m afraid from the highness. In a moment my heart stopped and couldn’t move in any direction I couldn’t walk forward neither to return back. It wasn’t that so easy. But anyways, I wanted to see more from that beautiful old city.

Me at Ramparts walk Ramparts walk in the Armenian Quarter The walls at Jerusalem Damascus Gate Muslim Quarter, Jerusalem View from Walls of Jerusalem Mosque in Old city of Jerusalem View from Old city of Jerusalem Ramparts walk, Walls of Jerusalem


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