My travelling jacket

I bought a Steve Madden’s jacket in one of the chains stores called Ross .I remember their motto quite well-“dress for less” . I purchased it in Washington DC in the distant year  of 2008. Since then that jacket is my favorite item and I always travel in it  wherever I go. Just some of the places that I can be seen wearing it are NYC, Istanbul, Sofia, Milan and even Petra.To be exact I have travelled in it in 4 of the continents. I consider this jacket to be one of a kind. I describe it as being very convenient , warm ,elegant and exquisite. It hasn’t been altered after all these years of wearing it.This jacket is my one item that truly makes me feel blissful and comfortable in my skin. In my opinion it is up-to-date and modern no matter  whether it is in fashion or not.

At the Brooklin bridge, New York City , 2007


Feeding the pigeons in Istanbul, 2009


Vitosha mountains, Bulgaria, 2009

At Sofia Airport, 2008


Suk Hamidyie, Old Damascus, 2011


Syria, Maaloula, 2011


Petra, Jordan, 2012


Riding donkey, Petra, Jorda, 20012


In Genoa, Italy, 2015

Duomo di Milano, 2015


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