Sunrise in my life

#July morning

The Name of Rose

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Sunrise is my favorite time. It’s one of the most beautiful moments in my life. Sunrise is connected also with typical Bulgarian tradition called July morning. People gain together at the sea coast close to the Black sea the day before First of July and wait for the sunrise. It’s believed to be an echo from the hippie era of the 1960-1980s. I would love to share some of my sunrise adventures. I took my pictures at the Red sea in Hurgada, Ionian sea, Black sea and Adriatic sea.

‘There I was on a July morning
Looking for love
With the strength
Of a new day dawning
And the beautiful sun

At the sound
Of the first bird singing
I was leaving for home
With the storm
And the night behind me
And a road of my own

With the day came the resolution
I’ll be looking for you’


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