From Devil’s throat to God’s eyes cave

The Devil's throat cave, Bulgaria

The Devil’s throat cave, Bulgaria

Entrance of Devil's throat cave

Devil’s throat cave exit

God's eyes cave, Bulgaria

God’s eyes cave, Bulgaria

God's eye cave, Bulgaria

God’s eye cave, Bulgaria

There were few legends connected with Devil’s Throat cave in Bulgaria. Thracian singer Orpheus was trying to return his beloved wife Eurydice from the Kingdom of Hades. Orpheus was a famous musician and he was so much in love with Eurydice, but on their wedding day snake bit Euridice and she died. Orpheus went to the Kingdom of Hades and ask to let her live. Orpheus played with his lyre and his music was so sad and beautiful. Finally Hades agreed that Orpheus could lead Euridice out of the Underworld, but he shouldn’t looked her till the end of the road. Orpheus wanted to be sure that Euridice is following him and he turn hisself back. in that moment Euridice disappeared. Devil’s Throat Cave, or Dyavolsko Garlo, is located in the western Rhodopes, Bulgaria.

Prohodna is a cave in Bulgaria,  located near the village of Karlukovo. The cave is known for the two eye-like holes in its ceiling, known as the Eyes of God. It appeared in Bulgarian movie Time of violence in 1988.


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