Maaloula – where people speak Aramaic (language of Jesus)

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While in Damascus at 2012 I have been to that small city called Maaloula. I saw st. Tekla monastery where there is a legend about st. Tekla – a chirstian girl    and pupil of St. Paul. According to later legend not in the Acts, Taqla was being pursued by soldiers of her father to capture her because of her Christian faith. She came upon a mountain, and after praying, the mountain split open and let her escape through. The town gets its name from this gap or entrance in the mountain. The next monastery is St.Sergius and Bachus. Inside the monastery I could listen the prayer Our father in Aramaic language (language of Jesus). I could drink wine which was prepared in this region. That monastery was partly destroyed in September 2013 from the terrorists. As I remember I had a good time in that place and I hope that one day people could walk again in this beautiful place.


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