Children of Petra

child3 child4 child5 child6 child7 child8 child9 child11


The Children of Petra should be at school or kindergarden, but alas they work. You can see them offering you rides with donkey , rides with camel or they just stay there begging you for something.


7 thoughts on “Children of Petra

  1. Dear Laura,
    My name is Isabelle, I am the Coordinator of the Care For Petra campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness for tackling three interlinked issues in Petra: child labour, animal welfare and site protection.
    please visit and our Facebook page.
    Your photos are particularly interesting as they show very clearly the link between the child labour and the animal mistreatment.
    I would like to ask you the authorization to use them for our FB, with the care of crediting the photos with the name of your blog and also the care of blurring the faces of the children (what we always do in order to protect those children).
    Looking forward to read from you,
    Many thanks in advance

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    • Dear Isabelle, I’m really glad you liked my photos. Please, feel free to use my pictures for your cause. Would you be able to link them as well to my blog? Thank you in advance and good luck with your venture.
      All the best,


      • Dear Laura, Many thanks for your so quick reply. I will mention your blog to credit the photos. But I cannot do more, because as a campaign, we cannot promote a blog or a site, etc… many thanks for your acceptance, it’s great! The photos are very strong and show well the situation. The children, even if they like their animals, will have unsuitable attitude to control them, or will under estimate the risks (for ex. the child which race the riding horse). Child labour is a very big problem on the site, for the children themselves, for their community, for the animals and for the heritage protection. Beside the campaign, we are working hard to set up mechanisms which allow to resolve those problems. Please like our page on Facebook (Care For Petra campaign) to be updated.
        All the Best!

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      • Hi Laura, many thanks for sharing. Yes, it is hard to see… however, we are careful not to depreciate the local communities through the animal welfare and we avoid a too negative imagery. The aim of the campaign is not to denounce the inappropriate treatment of the animals from some local owners, but to encourage the visitors to be responsible in their choices and in the way they use the animals. Indeed, we can improve the side of the animal welfare which is directly linked to the use of the animals by the tourists, and we can create a positive influence between the tourists and the local community.
        Did you see my post on Facebook? (

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      • Hi Isabelle, thank you very much for sharing my pictures in your site. I shared your page with my friends on facebook. I would like to wish you success with you organization.


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